This year, I again went to Whitby Folk Week for the John Birmingham Song Writing Cup final, where my song Stand Up was in the final after winning the Sheffield Heat. As you might have noticed from the updated site header, I won again! Hurrah!

That's not what this blog post is about though. I spent most of the day on the fringe of the festival since I didn't have a ticket (and I was only there for the day), and I ran into Sound Tradition1 in the competition doing an impromptue singaround. After a day of singing, someone asked me for the words or a recording of Stand Up. I've realised I have a lot of songs like this and not really a good way of showing them off if they aren't recorded already. So I've added a song book.

I'll slowly be adding songs to it. If I perform it regularly as a soloist then it'll be added to the list. I'm also marking the ones I've already recorded in case you want to buy the corresponding album.

  1. Who's song "The Morecombe Bay Cockle Pickers" was also a winning song. It's totally one worth stealing. ↩︎