Ordinarily, I'd steer clear of politics. It's a tricky subject for me, because I don't think I'm anywhere near knowledgeable about either the process or any of the topics involved. I'm no economist, I'm just a singer. And most importantly, political songs have a habit of being sung to people who already agree with you which kind of deadens the point in my view1

On the other hand, I do really enjoy talking about politics, especially when it veers into topics that I am knowledgeable about (which usually relates to Technology). And I enjoy making light of the entire thing. To which I present:

Neither I nor any of my colleagues in this are even pretending to know the finer point on what we're talking about. But hopefully we get the point across.

  1. Though I do remember John Walker once saying something good in response to people saying "You're preaching to the choir": "How do choirs get good? They practice singing from the same hymnsheet." ↩︎