A girl in Salvation is crying
As torment is leaving her soul
But as the blows fall and God’s word is called
The devil still resides within

Her mouth feels drier and drier
Her stomach cries out for release
But still the pain comes, nothing will be done
Or hell would take us with it’s grin

You never stuck up for your own flesh and blood
You never protected your child
You never defended that sweet little girl
For devotion had blinded your eye

The crimes of a innocent child
Causing hell to reside within
The question god’s will, and for that she will
Need saving from his condemnation

But no matter how hard we tell her
No matter we try
She still won’t give in, she still speaks in sin
The devil is her own reflection

But he is a tricksome young devil
He’ll not leave her of his own will
We must intervene, or we would be seen
With a devil who is only seven

We’ll take her down into the cellar
We’ll fervently pray for release
The blemish and rot, it’ll all be forgot
When her soul is clean fit for heaven

The devil cannot stand birchwood
He must leave her soon they all said
She gibbers and talks, so soon he will walk
So she can be fully forgiven

He fights to remain in her body
He refuses to give in
Her words become wild, but this evil child
Knows it is by God we are driven

This devil is still here within her
The measures must be increased
Iron he can’t stand, it’s not of his land
He can’t remain here much longer

Her voice seems weaker and weaker
The devil, he can’t stand it too
She cries one last time, and pays for their crime
And he is no longer part of her

So Sophie resides in Salvation
While deacons and matrons live on
And God’s will is done, the school is still run
By the word of the almighty’s son

So beware of the fire and brimstone
That leads your life straight into hell
But in the abyss, make sure you don’t miss
The murderer you have become